About CSSI

Computer Storage Services India private limited is well recognized data recovery company having been in data recovery operation in India as well as numerous locations along the globe. We are specialist in data recovery from any type of hardware configuration like data recovery from Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s), SSD’s recovery, Raid recovery, Photo Recovery, Flash Card Data Recovery, Digital Camera Recovery and many more other Data Recovery Services from almost every computer storage hardware. We have research and development and data recovery center is based in India (Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida) along with other physical offices in Eastern Europe, East Africa (Kenya), South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban). We do provide remote support for any other locations in India as well as other locations in the world. We have world class Data Recovery and Digital Forensics lab and is maintained with all classic standards need for data recovery job and has already won many awards for our data recovery services, technological capabilities and for CSSI support.... read more


What we offer

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Disk Drives are most primary storage source used for storage of numerous data frequently all along the globe. Computer Storage services India (CSSI) provides data recovery services from every type of hard disk drives and SSD’s drive. Every day, CSSI recovers a solid state and hard drives from USA, Europe, India...  read more

Photo Recovery

Recover your data including digital media from digital camera, Smartphones, flash cards as well as numerous storage hardware. Computer storage services India provides appropriate real time and cost effective data recovery services for our customers in Delhi NCR region. For any data recovery assistance do contact us....   read more

Remote Data Recovery

This kind of Data Recovery service is quite useful as it provides time critical data recovery solution for any data recovery needs. It will also save time and efforts of remote location customers as they don’t need to approach data recovery lab for their data recovery requirement for deleted or formatted media recovery. For any remote data recovery service please contact CSSI data recovery services....   read more

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is referred to as computer forensic analysis, electronic evidence discovery, digital discovery, computer analysis, and computer examinations. It is the methodology of preservation, identification, interpretation and documentation of evidence recovered for presentation in a civil or criminal court...   read more

Data Recovery Services

Data is utmost valuable asset in this digital world. This asset could be lost or corrupted by various means there are lots of scenario’s which could be responsible for such data loss. The lost data can be recovered back but it need to be treated with sober since it involves sophisticated technology implementation...   read more

Data Eraser

Erase your Media Content that matched beyond data recovery with the CSSI data erasure service. This will completely erase data from any type stoarge media such as Hard Disk Drives, Flash Drives, SSD's etc. by most trusted and customerized algorithm developed by CSSI...   read more


Data Recovery

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Media Device Analysis

Data Recovery

Data Verification

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No Data, No Charge

With our No Data No Charge policy customers can
avail our services along with free Analysis
of media before data recovery in Delhi NCR region.
Free analysis includes evaluation of media and provide estimates price,recovery chances and time for the particular media. Our mission is to provide quality service with proper transparency. However, our data recovery labs are well equipped, world class standards and with our data recovery services recovery chances are too high, nevertheless we charged nothing if user data is not recovered...  read more

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